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Lithuanian national team captain Jonas Valančiūnas invests in BC Wolves



The recent big-time moves of the BC Wolves, which are moving to Vilnius this upcoming season, have attracted the attention of long-time NBA player and the captain of the Lithuanian national men's basketball team, Jonas Valančiūnas. One of the country's best basketball players of all time bought shares of the Basketball Holding Company, which manages the BC Wolves, and became one of the club's investors.

Believing in the BC Wolves' vision, J. Valančiūnas joined more than 10 Lithuanian and foreign business people in signing an investment agreement on Thursday (August 17).

"It is a great honor and appreciation for us that Jonas, who has seen the basketball business from the inside for many years and understands it very well, believes in our organization's ambition and goals. He contributes a lot to the development of the country's youth, so he is very close to the Wolves club's aspiration to involve not only the youth of Vilnius but also the youth of the whole country in the club's activities - to create an environment for this, to encourage them to choose a healthy lifestyle, and to provide opportunities for sports," - said Wolves club president Rimantas Kaukėnas.

R. Kaukėnas added, "This summer, we participated in the LAB basketball camp, wherein well-known basketball players and experienced coaches were valued contributors. It is just the beginning of our long-term plans. And the fact that a national basketball personality like Jonas trusts the Wolves organization shows we are on the right track. He became one of our investors, and, who knows, maybe he will play the last season of his career wearing our team's jersey."

"I'm glad to see a new Lithuanian basketball club with many non-standard decisions and actions. I believe that BC Wolves will be long lasting organization. The club management introduced me to their goals, and I can confirm that they are very ambitious. I was impressed with their ambition, similar to the ones I see at the NBA teams," – said Jonas Valančiūnas, after signing the investment agreement.

"I like the organization's desire to be cosmopolitan, the vision of working with youth, so I wish Wolves success and hard work ethic because that will help them achieve their goals. From now on, I will monitor the club's activities very closely; I will try to help it grow and move forward", – added the basketball player.

BC Wolves, managed by Basketball Holding Company, is a new player in the Lithuanian and European sports landscape, creating a modern, sustainable organization with lasting longevity. The club’s ambition is to compete in the strongest European basketball tournaments regularly, which, in return, would create value for both the country of Lithuania and the fan community around the world.

Photo: Mindaugas Dulinskas

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